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1. A evening walk at Rankala Lake :

One of the famous tourist spot in kolhapur is rankala choupaty , wherein the evening walk is worth a memory. You can enjoy boating, Horse riding, Camel rides & Chowpaty food like bhel,pani puri, pav bhaji, batata wada, etc on the food stalls there.

2. A Visit to Talim ( Wrestling Arena) :

Kolhapur is the home town for wrestling where you have variety of wrestling Aakhadas ( schools) , have a glimpse of kolhapuri Pailwans ( wrestlers) or you can even try your hand on it too. More than 40 wrestling arenas called as talims are functioning in the city.

3. Night Camping at Dajipur Forest :

A unique thing for wildlife lovers, Dajipur is a wildlife sanctuary having varieties of wild species like wild Boars, tusker elephants, Leopard, Tiger, bear, wolf, wild cats. Birds lovers can have a feast at the backwaters/ reservoirs of radhanagari dam.

4. Dinner at Domestic Eateries (Khanawal):

Come home to the world famous Kolhapuri cuisine. Being in kolhapur , you shouldn’t miss out on local kolhapuri food specialties like mutton fry, tambda rassa, Pandhara Rassa, Mutton kheema, Mutton goli Pulav, .etc. Mostly all eateries cook home style kolhapuri food served in thalis and are located in mangalwar peth, shivaji peth & others parts of city.

5. Evening at Gural :

A rare chance to get a glimpse of jaggery being prepared from sugarcane juice during the harvesting season (October- January) at gurals at nearby sugarcane fields. Also enjoy fresh & hot liquid jaggery with variety of toppings along with cultural shows being arranged on request.

6. Visit to Doodh Katta :

A tradition being carried on, Gangavesh Doodh Katta is a place where 100 ‘s of cows are bought daily & milked to sell fresh milk thereafter. The streets are busy from 5 in the morning till 1 in the night.

7. Morning walk to University & Golf Course :

Tourist can have a glimpse of Green City kolhapur on their morning walk at the golf course ( to be accompanied by a member ) or the university campus. You will get to see the rarest species of plants & trees along with a variety of different birds. Their pleasing chorus will soothe your ears.

8.Drive to Panhala :

A must for adventure & nature lovers. Enjoy the 45 minutes drive in your jeeps, bikes or in your cars to Panhala, with a view of lush green fields, tall gray mountains & valleys to surround with. A true memorable drive for city dwellers.

9. Visit to Sugar Factories:

Maharashtra Sugar Industry is one of the most famous and large-scale sugar manufacturing sectors in India. When you are in Kolhapur, you should visit one of the nearby Sugar Factory and see how beautiful they are.

10. Bullock Car Ride:

a traditional Bullock Cart ride is a sure shot unique thing to do for all those adventure lover tourists visiting kolhapur. Bullock Cart ride are currently being arranged on requests in near by villages.

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