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Kumbhoj  is the name of an ancient city located 8 kms away from Hathkanagale town in Kolhapur  district, Maharashtra. A 28 – feet tall monolith statue of Bahubali stands two kilometers away from Kumbhoj city.

According to mythology, an ascetic saint Shri Bahubali Maharaj lived here almost 250 years ago. He was a renowned scholar and a mystic. It is said that due to his spiritual presence no wild animals attacked the pilgrims visiting the temple site. The site has been named as Kumbhoj Bahubali in memory of this great saint. After the death of the saint Bahubali, many great spiritual Jain Munis have visited the place making this temple site more blessed for the devout followers of Jainism. This is a famous Jain pilgrimage centre and believed to be an Atishaya Kshetra-a place of miracles

The mammoth idol of Lord Bahubali, in standing posture, is on a hill and can be seen many kilometers away from the hill. It was installed in 1963. There are several well-maintained Digambar Jain Temples here on the hill consecrated to: (a) Lord Bahubali (b) Lord Shantinath (c) Lord Chandaprabhu (d) Lord Adinath Digambar . There is also a Column of Dignity.

A Swadhyay Bhavan, is at the bottom of the place where camps and classes are held all the year round. He Dharamsala also serves some delicious and nutritious food to the pilgrims

Bahubali Atishaya kshetra known by the Idol of Lord Bahubali (Jain tirth place) in standing posture is situated on about 50 steps up and 28 feet in hight; sthapana/installed in 1963. The idol is installed close to the feet of the hill and can be seen from kms away from the hill.This place is comes under kumbhoj village.

From the Top until the bottom of the hill there are fourteen models of Siddha Khetras and Tirthankar Nirwaan locations. Models In the back side of this idol there are six other you can see the models of Gajpantha, Taranga, Mangitungi,Sonagiri and Pavagiri sidha kshetra.On the right you can see a big Kailash Parvat models where seventy two temples models made in cement and stone. After that you have Girnarji depicting Prince Neminath ‘Viaragya’ event in front. This is also must to have look .

On the left you see a model of Sammeed Shikharji with all the ‘tonks’ Below this you have eight more smaller models that depict the other Siddha Khetra’s. After coming down on the right side you have Mahaveer Digmabar Jain ‘Jal Mandir’ temple. On the left you have ‘Ratnatrya’ Digambar Jain temple. Further down you can see more Digambar Jain Temples with ‘Samavshran Temple’, ” and ‘Bahubali Temples’,Sahastrakut Temple, ‘Manastambha’, and Acharya Shantisagar and Acharya Samatbhadra Memorials. Temples on the hill 380 steps: Lord Bahubali (six feet in hight) was installed in Vikram Samvat 2418. The food supplied in Dharmshala is of good test.

On the top of this temple there is a small room were Lord Adinath (1.10 feet) is (sthapna)installed.In front of Lord Adinath temple a small Column of Dignity is also here. Uper side of ‘Sahastrakut’ Jain Temple there is another ‘Gandhakuti’ temple. In this temple eight idols are installed. In ‘Swayambhu Jain Temple’ Lord Adinath “3.2 feet in hight” is sthapana/installed in sitting posture. Hill’s Digambar Jain Temples: (a) Lord Bahubali Digambar Jain Temple. (b) Lord Shantinath Digambar Jain Temple. (c) Lord Chandaprabhu Digambar Jain Temple. (d) Lord Adinath Digambar Jain Temple. (e) Column of Dignity. Swadhyay Bhavan, where shivirs and classes happen all the year round is also present at the bottom of the place. More than one thousand Students study in the Gurukul under Bahubali University. There is heavy rush of Pilgrims all the year round. The area with all the temples, Gurukul, Hill area, etc. is very well maintained under and run by Digambar Jain Trusts

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