Rankala Choupati

surrounded by chowpati, other gardens and pathway, rankala lake was constructed by Maharaja Shri Shahu Chhatrapati. of Kolhapur

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Project Description

Hard to believe but this lake started off as a stone quarry.  In the 9th Century AD, an  earthquake created a structural shift and underground water flooded the quarry converting it into a natural lake. The lake takes its name from the Rankabhairav temple which is believed to be submerged at the centre of the lake.

The circumference of the lake is 4.5 miles. It has a temple in the vicinity with a mammoth sculpture of Nandi- the bull, the vehicle of Lord Shiva. Legend has it that Nandi moves about a distance of a single wheat grain towards the lake and back about a distance of single rice grain daily. It is believed that when this Nandi reaches the lake the whole world will be destroyed.

The lake is flanked on its west by the majestic Shalini Palace, and to its east by the beautiful Padma Raje gardens. The south-east bank of the lake has been developed into a pathway, park and sit-outs. There are local fast food stalls, horse-riding for children and boating on the lake as part of the tourist attraction.

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